Reminiscences of Springburn

Poster credited to originator Susan Scott.
Poster sent to Harrymc direct by Susan.

Remembering Old Springburn - Reminiscences of Springburn

Welcome Everyone

This site is a resource and gathering point for people who once lived in Springburn to the late 70s. This will include Petershill, Balornock and Barmulloch. Given the widespread destruction of the area in the 1970s recollections of what has become a vanished world are fading fast and our aim is to gather memories of Old Springburn under one umbrella before they disappear altogether. We can all do that by sharing pics and memories. Please note: This site is self editing and can take a little bit of time to get used to. You must register in order to post your own stories about your schools, your football teams, workplace, the once famous shops and also a section to build up old photographs of Springburn in the pre demolition period. Please do this; it costs nothing, you won't be spammed and it means the site can grow and be original.

We want to encourage chat in the Discussion Forum, but KEEP THE LANGUAGE CLEAN; NO SWEARING, INSULTING LANGUAGE please also please DO NOT ADD ANY SORT OF ADVERTISING SITES ON YOUR PROFILE PAGE. Also let us know if any copyright infraction has unwittingly occurred on our side and we will put it right,either by removing or crediting any piece. DO NOT reproduce elsewhere, credited personal photos belonging to site members or any text from the TELL YOUR STORY section. All rights are reserved. We are doing everything we can to source fresh unseen material of old Springburn to share and this site is non profit and for educational / historical interest only. If you have any old photos please get in touch.
There are many people on here seeking old acquaintences from Springburn's past, just check the DISCUSSIONS tab above, or look up the page on the left side Nav bar called LOCATING OLD FRIENDS.

Have fun

Steve Dewar

PS If you want to get maximum benefit from the site it's best to complete your profile.No need to give any more personal details than you see fit.Just name a few old classmates,youth organisations,clubs,schools attended,and be surprised how many old pals you reconnect with.